Transmission Line Hardware for the Telecommunication Industry

PAYER Industries designs and manufactures industrial hardware for the telecommunication sector. Our products designed specifically for electrical wire transmission are easy to install, whether for antenna tower guying or use in today’s leading-edge communication networks. We offer a wide range of preformed products for all major telecommunications applications, from cable distribution to connection and much more.

Simply select the PAYER products for telecommunication and request a quote directly online. It’s easy and fast, and you’ll receive our quote promptly (within 1 to 2 business days).

Guy Ends / Guy Grip

Guy ends are designed for the guying of poles used in the construction of power, distribution, communication lines and antenna towers.
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False Dead Ends

Dead ends are designed for the termination of conductors in order to meet the the strength requirement of primary, secondary, and-station lines.
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Splices are designed to repair or connect guys and messenger strands or conductors.
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Service Ends

Service ends are designed for termination of ACSR, smooth body ACSR, and neutral messengers of self-supporting cable at service drop points.
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C.A.T.V. Telends

C.A.T.V. Telends are designed to secure RG-59/U and RG-6/U coaxial cables at service drop points. C.A.T.V.
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Building Grip / Bracing End

Bracing ends are designed to provide fast and efficient metal building construction.
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