Products for Metal Fencing Installation and Repair for the Farm & Ranch Industry

Are you a farmer? PAYER Industries offers a line of resistant, reliable, durable, industrial-grade products for installing and repairing metal fencing and other metal equipment used in agriculture. PAYER products are easier to install than traditional agricultural hardware and, in the case of our splices and guy terminals, serve as junction rods for connecting wires to a new structure or reconnecting damaged wires. No tools needed! Our products are practical and get the job done.

Simply select the PAYER products for farm & ranch and request a quote directly online. It’s easy and fast, and you’ll receive our quote promptly (within 1 to 2 business days).

Splices – Galvanized for strand

Splices are designed to repair or connect guys and messenger strands or conductors.
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Guy Ends / Dead End

Guy ends are designed for the guying of poles used in the construction of power, distribution, communication lines and antenna towers.
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