Our Activity Sectors

PAYER Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of metal wire and cable products for 4 main activity sectors: hydroelectricity, telecommunications, construction and agriculture. With our unique level of expertise across Canada, we serve major business partners both domestically and internationally.

  • Metal framework building manufacturers
  • Regional and national electricity providers
  • Regional and national telecommunication service providers
  • Government and other public agencies
  • Specialized industries including farming, maple sugaring, tree growing, hop growing and wine growing.

Simply select the PAYER products for your activity sector and request a quote directly online. It’s easy and fast, and you’ll receive our quote promptly (within 1 to 2 business days).

Armor Rod

Armor Rods are designed to protect conductors by reducing bending, compression, and abrasion at the support point, particularly where handties are used.
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Splices are designed to repair or connect guys and messenger strands or conductors.
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Guy Terminals

Guy terminals perform the same function as Guy ends and Dead ends, but they are designed for those who prefer a wrap around guy at the pole.
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Aluminium Spacer Damper

The aluminum shock-absorber spacer is specially used a uniform distancing device between high voltage wires.
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Building Grip / Bracing End

Bracing ends are designed to provide fast and efficient metal building construction.
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C.A.T.V. Telends

C.A.T.V. Telends are designed to secure RG-59/U and RG-6/U coaxial cables at service drop points. C.A.T.V.
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C.A.T.V. Dead Ends

C.A.T.V. Dead ends are designed to secure RG-59/U and Figure 8 coaxial cables at service drop points.
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Dead Ends

Dead ends are designed for the termination of conductors in order to meet the the strength requirement of primary, secondary, and-station lines.
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Service Ends

Service ends are designed for termination of ACSR, smooth body ACSR, and neutral messengers of self-supporting cable at service drop points.
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Guy Ends

Guy ends are designed for the guying of poles used in the construction of power, distribution, communication lines and antenna towers.
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Spacer-Damper Rods

This product is especially conceived to serve as an attachment device for the Energy Industry spacer-damper.
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Line Guards

Line Guards are designed to protect conductors by reducing bending, compression and abrasive action to a minimum.
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