Éric Joubert and Stéphane Toupin the New Owners of PAYER Industries

Entrepreneurs Éric Joubert and Stéphane Toupin announced at a press conference on October 27, 2016, their purchase of PAYER Industries in Sainte-Monique. Made official in early October, this acquisition ultimately represents a multi-million-dollar investment and safeguards 12 jobs. In implementing the new owners’ vision, 15 additional jobs will also be created.

This is excellent economic news for the region!

Information taken from the media release “Achat d’entreprise au Centre-du-Québec, Éric Joubert et Stéphane Toupin se portent acquéreurs des Industries PAYER” (“Centre-du-Québec Company Changes Hands: Éric Joubert and Stéphane Toupin Acquire PAYER Industries”) by our collaborator BEAUDOIN Relations Publiques.

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