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Find out range products manufactured by Payer industries ltd. the diversity of their products clearly illustrates their polyvalence whether in the field of electricity, telephone engineering, cable distribution, metallic structure construction bracing, antenna towers or all other specific applications. All products respect the CSA C83, 129-M87 standards.

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( Guy ends )

Guy ends are designed for the guying of poles used in the construction of power, distribution, communication lines and antenna towers. Guy ends are designed for use with 5/8 inch (.625 inch) in diameter or less, produced to ASTM A.475 or CSA G12 specifications. Both Guy ends and the strand itself have a left hand lay. Requirements for Guy ends for strands other than those described above should be referred to the factory. Guy ends develop the full strength of strand manufactures to ATSM A.475 and CSA G12 grade 180 specifications. Guy ends may be removed and reapplied twice after initial installation to retension guys. It should become necessary to remove a Guy end after it has been installed for a period of three months, it should be replace with a new Payer Guy end.

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( Guy ends )

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Color coding for guy strand : Guy ends, splices and armor rods
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